Anyone who works at Pershing Square

Does anyone on here work at Pershing Square with Bill Ackman and if so what are the hours, WLB, and culture like?

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Does anyone on here play in the NBA / NFL and if so what are the hours, WLB, and culture like?

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Funny, but I'm genuinely interested in hearing more about what the company is like on the inside

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Nobody at Pershing square is on WSO

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Why is that you think

kpx5ar4SSW, what's your opinion? Comment below:

lol I don't agree... Not sure why so many people think that an analyst role at a Pershing / Baupost / Greenlight type shop is necessarily that desirable. yes, the principals of those funds are raking in $10's of millions per year (even when they underperform) but if anything they can use their cache to underpay their analysts. That's not to say I don't think those analysts are making good money, I just don't think working for a superstar PM is really the pinnacle of success on wall street as it comes with some downsides as well. 

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Pershing doesn't underpay it's analysts 

wso_user, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Why anyone cares or wants to work there is beyond me. No shorting or actual alpha generation, just beta riding. Way more impressed with someone who is at citadel or p72 where you actually pick stocks on a differentiated view. Also, where do PS guys go afterwards? Not really a marketable skill set to invest in 1 business a year 

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Yeah but they get paid very well and have almost no turnover so who cares about marketable skills

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You can never get a SM HF post without the pod bois jumping in. Yeah your $300-500k job is so much better than getting paid millions to "ride beta" 

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Honestly you have a better shot at tweeting at Ackman vs. getting one of his 7 analysts to anonymously post of WSO

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Pershing Square analyst here, AMA.

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What's the WLB life and is the work modeling centered? Or mostly just market research?

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