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Patrick Curtis

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August 3, 2022

FINRA Licensing Exam Prep

The FINRA licensing exams are conducted to ensure that firms are compliant with securities laws, rules, and regulations. These licenses are required to be taken by both representatives and supervisors at the firm. While some licenses cover a specific type of security or business, others cover a broad variety of topics. Obtaining these certificates greatly improves your value in the finance profession.

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CFA Study Materials

The CFA exam covers most of the finance concepts and gives its members an edge in terms of knowledge and recognition. It is good to have if you are looking for a role at the top hedge funds or asset management firms, and will boost your value if you are looking to recruit into these industries. These exams are known to be notoriously difficult, with repeated attempts being the norm. 

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GMAT Study Guide

One of the most important career-defining moments is getting an MBA from a top university. Getting those 10 additional points in the GMAT exam means getting offers at your dream school and following your aspirations. There are many GMAT course providers out there which only adds to your dilemma of who to trust with your career.

We at WSO have done the hard part about vetting the course providers. We will soon announce a partner who provides some of the best training to help you get offers at your dream university. We have even negotiated a discount that is exclusive to our members. So go ahead and take on the first steps towards preparing for your dream career.