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An Intense 4-Hour Bootcamp to Help You
Become Efficient at Financial Modeling

Limited to 30 Seats

Excel Master Bootcamp


Get Taught by The Best

Boost your efficiency at financial modeling with actual industry professionals. Understand excel modeling inside out and become a power user. Course content is continually reviewed and updated.

Best Practices

Learn the things you should and should not do on the job to make sure you're presenting yourself and your work in front of colleagues and senior team members in the best light possible. We go over common mistakes and errors analysts and associates make starting out and give tips to put yourself in a better light.

Lifetime Access to WSO's Excel Modeling Course

With over 100 lessons, we take you from a beginner in Excel to an absolute master with to help make sure you build a proper foundation for the more advanced financial modeling courses later.

Master Excel Shortcuts

Learn how to save time and enhance productivity, establishing trust and stability of senior team members by demonstrating an excellent grasp of Excel. As an analyst or associate, you will "own" the model.

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WSO Excel Master Bootcamp - Video Preview

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Excel shortcuts
Exercise: SumIfs, Anchoring and More

Topics Covered

Our customers have landed positions at all top Wall Street firms, including:

Get Distinct Course Certifications

After completing each course, all students will be granted a WSO Certification for that specific course. Use these certificates as a signal to employers that you have the technical skills to immediately add value to your team.

Demonstrate that you have put in the work outside of university courses to make yourself more efficient and master the most critical program for success in finance careers. Easily share to LinkedIn and other social media sites to highlight your skills and strengthen your profile as a candidate.

How Much is Your
Finance Career Worth?

What You Get


WSO Excel Master Bootcamp

4 hours of live instruction taught by an elite Finance professional...


WSO Excel Modeling Course

110+ video lessons across 13 Modules taught by a top-ranked bulge bracket investment banker...





Get Unlimited Lifetime Access To The Excel Modeling Course And Attend the 4-Hour Excel Master Bootcamp For 72% Off



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