Piper Sandler underrated?

Am I missing something or is Piper Sandler severely underrated on this site?

They've done more deals in the MM space than anyone in the past year, but I rarely see them compared with WB/Baird

and no I do not work for them. 

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It's right up there with those you name, totally group dependent as always. Blair & Baird for some reason have a fuckload of employees on WSO. I'm not sure what it is about those two midwest based banks, but they reallllllly like to try and differentiate themselves from other MM banks. Never head anyone else use the term "Upper" middle-market for IB, lol. 

So yeah, Piper Sandler, Harris Williams, Houlihan, Cowen, JEF, Macquarie, RBC, RayJay etc. are all just as good. It's all the same shit. They're reputable MM focused banks. They all have certain groups that punch above their weight class, compete with BBs and win lots of large engagements while also having some middling so-so groups. That's middle-market IB for you, there's nothing special about Blair or Baird. Piper's Healthcare & FIG groups are their standouts. For Baird it's Industrials, Blair is Tech-Enabled (I think), Houlihan is RX, Harris Williams is sell-side M&A, so on so forth. 

If you're comparing MM IB opportunities (or any IB opportunities) you really ought to do it through the lens of specific groups versus other groups instead of specific banks versus other banks. Everything is way more group / senior banker specific than it is bank specific. 

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Worked WB/Baird one of these and completely agree - basically every one of these banks has one sector they're the leader in (Baird industrials, WB tech, Piper HC, etc) and the rest is all the same.

I think historically Blair and Baird were known to pay above street, have better culture, and treat employees better than their peers but i personally think all of that has changed in the past few years and I don't think that either of them are at all differentiated anymore

FrankAbagnale.Jr, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Totally anecdotal but I have a buddy there in the Chi office and he absolutely loves the culture- plus is getting good deal flow and (according to him) relatively good bonuses. Their stats seem to be good recently, so yeah definitely on an upward trend. Recent acquisitions have really bolstered them.

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Piper Sandler is stronger than both WB/Baird nowadays. Their recent inorganic growth has been insane I.e. DBO/Valence Group/TRS for tech/chemicals/RX. Like the first comment says, this site is filled with Blair and Baird bankers that are living in the 2000s. Would put Piper, houlihan, Jeff, RBC, Harris Williams, over both Blair and Baird. 

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ULTRAMAGA, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Can't speak to their work. However, culture wise, everyone I met there has been a great guy that I'd be down to work with

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