Investment Banking Offer, Guaranteed.


As part of WSO Academy, we guarantee you at least one offer in investment banking or your money back. Yes, you heard that right.


The catch? Our application process is highly selective. We will be taking applications soon so join our waitlist to get ahead of the crowd.


Investment Banker
Our students have landed positions at all of the top investment banks, including:

Why is a Career in Investment Banking Prestigious?


The main reason? Money.

In 2022, 1st-year analysts at the top banks earned up to $180,000 in their first year. Yes, $180,000 right after college. More than 3.3x the median pay in the US and that too right after graduation.

The second reason? Incredible exit opportunities open up after a year or two in investment banking. Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Corporate Finance are among the many doors that open up for young investment bankers should they choose to leave that can pay upwards of $300,000 per year.

In short, if you land a role in investment banking, you will earn one of the highest compensations for new graduates with unlimited exits.

This also means that hundreds of thousands of candidates get rejected during the application phase.

However, with 16+ years of experience helping students kick off their careers in High Finance, we know how to get you a job in Investment Banking.


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What is WSO Academy?


12-week program to dramatically improve your odds at landing a high finance offer.


Here are some of the perks you get access to as part of WSO Academy:

  • Lifetime access to exclusive networking resources and support community to help you land interviews
  • 100+ hours of courses to train and polish your skills to help ace your interviews
  • Unlimited bootcamp seats to push your real life technical skills
  • Accountability coach to ensure you are never playing catch up with your milestones
  • Unlimited support to ensure you land that high finance job


Better Odds
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10 Pillars of WSO Academy

Crafting CredibilityTM

  • Resume Rebuild - 1:1
  • LinkedIn Profile Revamp
  • Meet the High-Finance Expectations

We make sure every single line on your resume is optimized for maximizing conversions to interviews.  From the proper format to improving your bullets, you'll go through our intense resume review process in weeks 1 & 2.  We've mastered this process after serving over 10,000+ clients.  You'll get matched 1:1 with a professional on Wall Street to make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile stands out among the thousands of other candidates.

The Internship EdgeTM

  • Automatic WSO Internship
  • Directly Relevant Experience
  • Unfair Advantage

All WSO Academy students get accepted into our competitive Finance Research Analyst Internship [under 10% acceptance for those applying directly].  This experience gives you a great way to build your CV and LinkedIn profile with relevant experience to dramatically improve your conversions from application to interview.

The Networking MapTM

  • Proven Templates Modified for Your Situation
  • Software to Dramatically Tilt Odds in Your Favor
  • Step-by-step Map & Benchmarks to Ensure Success

After countless success stories over a decade, The Networking Map is our proven process to help make sure you are landing interviews and getting referrals from the top firms.  From the proper tone with tailored templates to software to help you dramatically scale your outreach, we have all of the tips and tactics to make sure you are leaving no stone unturned.

The Technical MasterclassTM

  • Make hard technicals look easy
  • Learn the most critical concepts fast
  • 1:1 mock interviews

Wall Street Oasis practically invented investment banking interview prep over a decade ago.  After collecting over 30,000 interview questions across thousands of investment banks, we know the patterns and the concepts you need to know fast.  Most candidates waste too much time trying to study every possible technical question while our students learn our framework to answer any tough technical question and get access to our massive database of real questions from actual firms (to give you confidence you are ready).

    The 7 StoriesTM

    • Ace every Behavioral Question with Ease
    • Professionally Crafted to Your Profile
    • Mapping Questions to Stories

    With 1:1 guidance, use the WSO Academy framework to craft 7 detailed stories that you can use repeatedly across all of your informational interviews and more formal interviews.  After crafting The 7 Stories, you will be put to the test across countless mock interviews to tweak and perfect them (and your delivery) even more.

    Practice Makes BetterTM

    • Up to 25 Mock Interviews with Wall St Pros
    • Honest Feedback to Help You Improve
    • Shore up Weak Points, Feature Strengths

    We believe grit and a growth mindset is what allows great candidates to become exceptional ones.  With Practice Makes Better, you will receive an incredible level of individualized guidance with up to 25 1:1 mock interviews with actual investment bankers (not recruiters or career coaches).  After each mock, you will get honest and detailed feedback to make sure your next interview is incrementally better.

    Unlimited Real-Time SupportTM

    • 24/7/365 Messaging to team of Wall St Pros
    • 3 Open Weekly Office Hours with CEO
    • Community Improving Together

    Trying to land an internship or a full time job in investment banking is a tough process.  Going it alone makes it even tougher.  When you join WSO Academy, you gain access to the current students and massive mentor network that make our community so special.  Share interview questions, recruiting intel and job opportunities to help move each other forward.

      WSO Company Database Access

      • 35,834 Interview Questions 
      • 80,113 Salary Datapoints
      • 40,556 Company Reviews

      Over 150,000 submissions and growing fast…No other database comes close to this level of detail, accuracy and unfiltered insight.  Get direct access to over 35,000 interview questions across thousands of financial firms and all the top banks.  Get access to over 80,000 salary submissions so you know how much you should be making at various stages of your career.  Get access to over 40,000 company reviews to learn where you might fit best and avoid the firms and groups with poor work/life balance.

      WSO Course Library Access

      • Hundreds of Hours of Online Content
      • Faculty of top Investment Bankers + PE Pros
      • 20+ Courses | 500 Lessons

      As part of WSO Academy, you unlock not only our famous IB Interview Course, but also our entire library of online courses (for life) as well as any new courses that come in the future.  This is an incredible library of knowledge (300+ hours) that can help you not only in your recruiting process, but throughout your entire career.   These materials are super engaging with gamification and interactive quizzes to make sure you understand and retain all the critical conceptual topics needed to ace your interviews and land an offer."

        Lifetime Membership

        • Access Academy Alums 
        • Help Gain Inside Track
        • Private Slack Community

        As part of WSO Academy, you will be part of an exclusive club of top alumni, all striving to advance their careers in finance.  This powerful network will only get stronger as more and more alums get more senior, just like the broader WSO network has over the past 17 years.  Develop meaningful and long-lasting connections with the current and future leaders of Wall Street.

        Is WSO Academy for You?


        WSO Academy is not just for target school or 3.7+ GPA students. We have helped applicants from all backgrounds dramatically improve their odds.


        10 Pillars
        • You are interested in investment banking as a career and are motivated to break in
        • You have been rejected (or ghosted) despite applying to hundreds of investment banking jobs online
        • You are unsure how to network with those in investment banking to land interviews
        • You struggle to answer the most difficult technical questions that you need to ace to land the offer
        • Your answers to the behavioral questions are good, but not exceptional


        What WSO Academy Members Say


        Grace Oakey
        Return offer at BlackStone

        Wasn't until I joined WSO Academy that I had a much clearer path to achieve my full-time goals! Process is the most important aspect I focus on as should everyone else. Thank you for all of the guidance over the years

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        Victor Davis
        6 figure job at Fidelity

        I was taught that you follow a certain path and that things work out and you get a job. But I didn't get one after university which is why I joined WSO Academy which taught me the actual skills that are needed to get a job.

        FRANK J.
        PE Associate

        They helped refine my stories, provided valuable feedback for my responses, and taught me a new approach to answering technical questions that bankers want to hear. I highly recommend anyone interested in IB opportunities seriously consider WSO Academy.

        Emil S.
        Investment Analyst

        I found WSO Academy helpful in getting my story together, doing mock interviews, and reviewing my resume. I definitely recommend it! I received my dream offer, and really think the program made a huge difference is helping me get that.

        Luca S.
        IB Analyst + PE Internship

        Definitely worth the investment. The mentors are very responsible, thoughtful, and nice and know how to bring out the best in you. They prepared me with many really good technical questions when I thought I'd already prepared well enough. 

        Kristoph B.
        BB IB Internship

        This is one of the best investments that I've made in a long time and not only because what I learned in our sessions helped me secure the role I was recruiting for in short order.

        David A.
        Landed ER Analyst Role

        Just wanted to update you on my recruiting process - I just accepted an offer. Really want to thank you for all of your help. I would definitely have done way worse in my interviews without your guidance on how to phrase my past roles. Thanks again and super excited for this summer.

        Alphan U.
        Landed IB Internship + PE Internship

        Completely revamps your approach and gives you the intelligence to charm the interviewer by coming across as a knowledgeable and experienced banker that knows the ins and outs of the industry as opposed to "not just another ambitious college student"

        Free Resources on Joining the Waitlist


        We know that the low acceptance rate (<4%) can be demotivating. That is why, we will give you exclusive access to two resources on joining the waitlist for free that you can use to boost your high finance careers chances. You can use them whether or not you are accepted to the Academy.


        27 Financial Modeling Templates™

        Get free access to 25+ financial modeling templates in a SWIPE file for you to practice your modeling skillsand get your technical skills polished.



        The resume template that investment bankers expect from you. Give yourself the best shot at an application using our resume template.

        WSO Academy Leadership


        WSO Academy was founded and is currently run by Patrick Curtis who is the CEO and founder of Wall Street Oasis, the largest online community focused on careers in finance with over 900,000+ members and 20mn+ unique visitors every year. The head mentors for WSO Academy were selected from a pool of over 1,000 mentors and have helped thousands of students break into careers in Wall Street over the past decade.

        Patrick Curtis
        Lead Mentor and CEO

        Patrick started his career as an Investment Banking Analyst at Rothschild before moving to Tailwind Capital as a Private Equity Associate where he worked for 3+ years. He then left to start Wall Street Oasis to help those interested in a high finance career. He has an MBA from the Wharton School and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Williams College.

        Wais Achikzad
        Head Mentor

        Wais has 20+ years of work experience across top banks like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley in various capacities such ranging from Manager to Vice President. He now runs Xen Culture, where he helps financial companies solve their talent needs. Wais has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Boston University.

        Andy Yan
        Head Mentor

        Andy was an Investment Banking Analyst at Credit Suisse. He then worked as a Private Equity Senior Associate at Thrivent and currently works at BlackRock as Vice President. Andy has an MBA from The Booth School of Business and a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from the University of Chicago.

        Nick Bhasin
        Head Mentor

        Nick has worked in Investment Banking at Chestnut Hill Partners and JLL. He then became a Private Equity Associate with The Carlyle Group and now works as a Director at Lincoln Avenue Capital. Nick has a Master's Degree in Real Estate Finance and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from NYU.

        Isabel Vulakh
        Head Mentor

        Isabel was an Investment Banking Analyst at JP Morgan. She then moved into Corporate Finance roles at biotech companies Roviant Sciences and Korro Bio, where she currently works as Assistant Director. Isabel has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Baruch's College and The City University of New York.

        Adna Pekmezovic
        Head Mentor

        Adna was an Investment Banking Analyst and Associate at Bank of America. She then moved to VC, and currently works as Investor with Portfolia and VP at Octant Partners. Adna has a Bachelor of Business Administration from The George Washington University School of Business.

        Tony Fares
        Head Mentor

        Tony is currently working at Citi with their investment banking team and has 8+ years of experience in the role. Prior to City, he worked at PwC as a management consultant for 1 year. Tony has a Master's Degree in Finance from John Hopkins University and a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Lebanese American University.

        Guantong Sun
        Head Mentor

        Guantong worked as an Investment Banking Analyst at Lehman and Nomura before moving to Private Equity. He has more than 13+ years of experience in private equity, having worked in firms like Fortress Investment Group and Golub Capital. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from NYU.

        Timothy Weil
        Head Mentor

        Timothy has worked as Director at UBS and Barclays Investment Banks for over 11 years. He currently works as Managing Partner at Strategic Veterinary Partners. Timothy completed his MBA from the Ross School of Business and holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Virginia. He also has a Master of Engineering Management Degree from Duke University.

        Edgar Company
        Head Mentor

        Edgar was an Investment Banking Associate at Barclays for 5+ years. He then worked as an Investment Associate at Pamplona Capital Management and Consultant at Simpling, before working moving to Surca Capital, where he works as their Socio Director. Edgar completed his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

        Liuna Fekravar
        Head Mentor

        Liuna worked as Investment Banking Analyst at Credit Suisse for 2+ years before moving on to Private Equity at Map Capital and The Carlyle Group where she worked for 5+ years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin and is currently pursuing her MBA at Harvard Business School.

        David Dansky
        Head Mentor

        David worked as Investment Banking Analyst at Barclays before moving to a role in Private Equity at Sagewind Capital where he currently works as Vice President. David holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Boston College.