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The Big Picture (3 video lessons)

In this module, we use 3 video lessons to introduce you to the big picture, such as what is an M&A deal and why bother? You will learn the finance theory and mechanics behind M&A as well as the "why" behind each transaction type and formula.

M&A Players + M&A Process (5 video lessons)

In this module, 5 video lessons dig deeper into M&A transactions. Learn the three types of M&A engagements and the origin of M&A processes. Also includes a quick overview of pitch books and the work needed to make an M&A deal come to life.

Buyside Processes (5 video lessons)

In this module, there are 5 video lessons that focus on buyside mandates. The instructor will walk through a typical buyside process including all key stages: initial contact and transaction assessment, detailed due diligence, agreement on price and transaction closing.

Sellside Processes (6 video lessons)

In this module, we use 6 video lessons that focus on sellside mandates. The instructor will walk through a typical sellside process including all key stages: process setup, initial buyer contact, buyer meetings, agreement on price + transaction closing.

Introduction To M&A: A Excel Section (2 video lessons)

In this module, we use 2 video lessons to walk through a high-level valuation, transaction assumptions, and sources & uses to set up a merger model. We cover a variety of topics so that you can start building a buy-side case of Nike acquiring Lululemon and with a theoretical model.

Nike Acquires Lululemon - Model Setup (7 video lessons)

In this module, we use 7 video lessons to give an overview of the balance sheet and transaction adjustments. You will be introduced to M&A purchase price accounting, learning how to prepare a proforma balance sheet, including assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity to ensure they balance.

Nike Acquires Lululemon - Simplified Analysis (5 video lessons)

In this module, we use 5 video lessons to explain accretion/dilution modeling. You will use our M&A template to estimate synergies, make transaction-related adjustments, and build an accretion/dilution analysis. You will then evaluate the merit of a proposed M&A deal and the impact of the transaction on shareholders.

Nike Acquires Lululemon - Detailed Analysis (9 video lessons)

In this module, we use 9 video lessons to build P&L projections required for a more robust accretion-dilution analysis. Learn the difference between simple and detailed accretion/dilution analysis, key changes to the three accounting statements, how to create proforma P&L, debt schedule, among other important details.

Closing Thoughts (5video lessons)

In this module, we use 5 video lessons to walk through several sensitivity tables on the completed accretion/dilution analysis to give you a better understanding of what assumptions can impact our final conclusion. You will also have access to the Excel template of sensitivity analysis and can experiment.

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