Machine Learning - Python Fundamentals

Welcome to WSO's Machine Learning - Python Fundamentals Course developed exclusively for finance careers. The world of finance is changing rapidly. The skillsets of investment bankers, asset managers, sales and trading professionals are all evolving and developing this core skillset is essential to survive and excel


Want to Get Ahead in Finance?

First You Have to Develop the Skills...


Finance careers are some of the most sought after jobs in the world. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Not only do they promise huge salaries and bonuses, but they also can set you up for a variety of other related careers

But getting promoted once you're in the door is much harder than you think...

... because Wall Street is filled with Type-A gunners and the skill sets needed to succeed are rapidly changing.

Having a Long, Lucrative Finance Career is not about acquiring the skills to LAND the job... It's about acquiring the skills to excel on the job once you get your seat.
And these are NOT the same thing.

Because what most Wall Streeters will never tell you is that everything you've learned so far is practically useless when it comes to finance careers over the next decade...

  • Technical finance knowledge alone won't cut it...
  • A high GPA isn't enough...
  • Great connections won't save you...
  • And even those with great Excel skills won't necessarily get the promotion...
Your job isn't to just get in the seat... It's to provide value once you're there. The industry is rapidly changing and so are the skills needed to succeed long term.
  • Excel skills and finance knowledge is expected...
  • The manipulation of big data and technical skills matter...
  • Waiting until you are on the job just makes it harder...
  • The finance industry is conservative and slow, but even here, the pace of change is increasing...

So how do you provide value?

  • Combining your finance knowledge with technical know how...
  • Showing YOU are the person with the ability to do more with data...
  • Investing in yourself to build a strong technical foundation...
Quite simply, the finance careers of tomorrow require more technical skills than ever before and if you don't have them, someone will.


The Only Way To Crack This Code Is To Learn It From

Those Who Have Walked Your Path Before.

The best way to learn anything is to simply follow in the footsteps of someone who has done it successfully.

Only then will you know all of the little tricks, secrets and shortcuts to developing critical new skills and beating your competition: the tens of thousands of other finance "rock stars" who are competing for your job.

And once you have this knowledge, what seemed like a gauntlet will be a walk in the park.

Where others are confused and intimidated, you'll be calm, cool and collected.

When others are cramming at the last minute, you'll be totally prepared for anything they can throw at you.

When others are cramming at the last minute, you'll be totally prepared for anything they can throw at you.

But first, a word of warning...


Less Than 5% of Applicants Have Python Skills...
... Only Those with Dedication Get It.

That's right. Out of every 1,000 applicants, less than 50 truly have the Python skills to make a difference. The other 95% hope that the rising demand for technical skills will slow down.

That's just not going to happen. You see it since you're here and researching this course.

Wall Street has access to some of the top minds, technical geniuses and finance "rock stars", all just like you... all beating down their door.

But still, most never get in.

Instead they end up left out wandering the finance wilderness... Working in a dead end job... like a cubicle death march...

And yes, living with their parents.

I've seen it more times than I can count.

And it's all because they're unprepared.

  • Many relied on finance skills but didn't have the technical skills in demand NOW to attract enough interest...
  • Others had great pedigrees and connections and land the job but then flame out because they were just another PowerPoint monkey in the cog without the technical chops...
The Bottom Line is This:

To Excel On The Job, You Must Learn The RIGHT SKILLS...
... And That Means Going To The One Place That Teaches You Best.

Machine Learning - Python Fundamentals

The Wall Street Oasis


The Insider's Course on How to Leverage Your Excel Skills to Learn Python Fundamentals and Make Yourself Irreplaceable...



Intro to Python (15+ lessons)

First you need to know why Python matters, how you can use it in your job and how to get you setup right from the beginning… This includes session objectives + a simple calculation and variables exercise...

Pandas Module (20+ lessons)

15 video lessons with 5 challenging exercises to make sure you grasp Pandas Dataframes, statistics, and series functions...

Python Objects (20+ lessons)

With 21+ video lessons including 6 exercises, you'll learn about lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries to give you a solid foundation on Objects...

Custom Functions, For Loops, and Conditional Logic (10+ lessons)

With 12 videos including 4 exercises so that you have the ability to write custom functions, and conditional logic and how that might relate to your career in finance...

Numpy Module (20+ lessons)

With 17 video lessons including 3 exercises… so you get actual practice and aren't a passive learner and can learn about random number generators and array functions...

Our customers have landed positions at every major investment bank, including:

Why should you listen to me?
Because I've been down this path before...

My name is Zachary Washam -- I'm a former bulge bracket investment banker and I'm super excited to bring you this course in partnership with Wall Street Oasis! Not that long ago, I was in your position.

In the early years of my investment banking career, I was laser-focused on proving myself and making an impact. I wanted to accomplish something that would blow people away and make me impossible to ignore.

With zero coding background, I decided that I would not get left behind and dedicated my life to mastering applied machine learning for finance.

Two years later, my firm was flying me across the country to advise Fortune 500 executives using my algorithms.

My work has won innovation awards, been submitted for patent protection, used to advise dozens of Fortune 500 investment banking clients (HP, Nordstrom, Tiffany, and McDonalds, to name a few), and incorporated into multi-billion-dollar capital markets transactions.

More importantly, I have trained countless finance professionals from the greatest firms on Earth who are now taking control of their careers and making a massive impact on the finance industry.

My training systems are unlike anything else available because I have been in your shoes, in the industry, and I know exactly what it takes to go from zero coding background to creating radical results in your career.

All of my past clients once stood where you are right now, and today they are creating machine learning algorithms that are changing the finance industry (and launching their careers to the next level).

What could you achieve if you mastered machine learning? What are you missing out on by waiting? If people around you begin learning these skills and you fall behind, what will be the consequences?

Don't get left behind. You have the creativity, the determination, and the work ethic to take control and achieve huge results in your career – all you need are the right tools, and then it's just a matter of time. …

I'll be with you every step of the way. You got this!


How Much is Your Finance Career Worth?

Consider this your first investment in a long career...

After all, you've likely already spent tens of thousands of dollars on college (and perhaps tens of thousands more on an MBA)...

When you land your coveted finance job and start adding value from day 1,

you'll be making well over $100,000...

...over $300,000 if you have an MBA...

And that's just the beginning of a long and very LUCRATIVE career that could easily net you millions.

We could easily charge thousands of dollars and your ROI would still be huge…

At a fraction of that price, the ROI is even better... less than $100 in exchange for millions of dollars down the line. When you do the math, it's a no brainer.

And that doesn't include the time you'd have to spend figuring all of this out. Even if you used the volumes of free information online, you'd still have to find it, organize it, vet it, test it and systematize it to get it to work.

That would take months - maybe even years… and at that point, you will have missed your window, blown your opportunity and your chances of landing and excelling in a top finance job will be slim to none.

All while watching your friends and classmates ride the elevators to the penthouses of investment banking, trading, private equity and hedge funds…

The WSO Machine Learning - Python Fundamentals Course gives you everything you need build a strong foundation in one of the most critical skills to future proof your career ...quickly and easily.

But we're not going to charge you thousands like other bootcamps...


We won't even ask for half of that..



Get Unlimited Lifetime Access To The WSO Machine Learning - Python Fundamentals Course For 95% Off



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Your Choice is Simple.

If you're reading this, you're here for a reason: because you want to be one of the very few who can deliver exceptional value to your firm by learning in demand skills… and because you need help doing it.

Your opportunity really is limited… you have one good shot. If you don't develop these skills soon, your chances of breaking into the industry and getting promoted are slim to none, because the firms will know you're damaged goods without anything helping you stand out. Don't believe me? Talk to my friend who was selling Carnival Cruise packages after he failed his interviews.

Because the hard truth is that Wall Street is literally flooded with millions of people just like you and me: college hot shots, finance wizards, math geniuses and even trading interns with solid track records… and most of them still end up on the outside looking in.

The banks have the pick of the litter, and only those who are superbly prepared, who have mastered all the concepts and who understand how to deliver outsized value will get the rewards.

Do that, and you'll gain entrance and flourish in a world few people will ever glimpse.


What do you want to be doing? Living in a penthouse, working on interesting projects and climbing the elite ladders of finance?

Or living with your parents, selling mortgages in the suburbs and watching your friends having the lucrative career that should have been yours.

The choice really is yours. And your opportunity really is limited.

Don't waste it. Click here to get instant access and turbo charge your career in finance.

Python is the Path... Join the other successful students and get started:

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