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May 7, 2023

Compensation Guides

WSO leverages our proprietary salary data collected directly from finance professionals in the WSO Company Database to give you detailed insight into compensation data and trends by industry, groups and firms.   This includes salaries and bonuses collected across positions in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, consulting, accounting, corporate finance, FP&A and more. 

By reading these salary guides, you can get a good understanding of what to expect in terms of compensation as you progress in your career. These articles includes detailed surveys on everything from intern compensation to what you can expect to earn as a bonus when you're a managing director working in investment banking.

Popular Salary and Pay Guides

Below are the most popular compensation guides across finance jobs. These positions tend to pay very well which is probably why so many people want to know what their bonus potential could be in their future career!

Financial Modeling Salary Guide

In the corporate world, financial models form the base for decision-making. Because of their ability to convert information to data, they can help decision-makers objectively make decisions based on the possible outcomes and the levels of risks associated with various alternatives. Consequently, they are the most crucial tools for optimal decision-making to obtain the best results. Read on to find how much financial modelers are paid.

Investment Banker Salary

Investment banking (IB) is a part of banking that offers services related to raising capital to other companies and sometimes even governments. Investment banks (referred to as "banks" here) employ investment bankers (referred to as "bankers" here) who routinely guide their clients through vast and complicated transactions. This article takes you through the typical pay for an investment banker across various sections and geographies.

Private Equity Salary Guide

A Private Equity (PE) firm is a pooled investment vehicle that collects capital from other funds, institutional investors, wealthy individuals, etc., to invest in private businesses. They convince capital owners to invest their assets with them and charge a fee to manage and grow these assets. This article explores how much you can make in private equity.

Hedge Fund Salary Guide

Hedge funds are actively managed pooled investment vehicles whose managers use sophisticated techniques such as short-selling and derivatives to trade, construct portfolios, and manage risk to achieve above-market returns. They are generally considered risky by investors due to the choice of techniques and instruments and fall under the "alternative investments" category. Read on to find out how much hedge funds professionals make.