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Excel Modeling Best Practices

It is a good idea to follow best practices when modeling in Excel, as it will help you build your model quickly, accurately, and reliably. You might have heard some of them before. In this article, we will explore these best practices so that you can make sure to avoid common pitfalls when building your model!

Index Match Formula

Index and Match are two of the most popular functions used in Excel. However, they can be combined together to form a tool that is more powerful than VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP in Excel. You might wonder what is the need for the Index Match formula when the same results could be achieved with VLOOKUP or an HLOOKUP formula. This article will empower you to use the best tool known to Excel users.

Advanced Excel Formulas

Based on many years of experience, we have compiled the ten most important and advanced Excel formulas that every world-class financial analyst must know. Not only can these functions help shave minutes off your work, but they also allow the overall Excel worksheet to be more fleshed out and connected. While it may not sound like much, these minutes can eventually add up to hours of saved work.

Group in Excel

Ever worked on a cluttered spreadsheet, spending the whole night figuring out why your calculations are off, only to realize that some of the rows had been hidden and not updated? Some of us have. In this article, we briefly talk about why hide should never be used, at least not in financial modeling, before going on to talk about the powerful Group function.

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