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Get Taught by The Best

Actual IB professionals… that close deals at some of the top banks in the world lead this bootcamp -- so that it's grounded in reality and you're ready for recruiting...

Get Bank and Position Specific Information

You'll have access to 515 of the most common interview questions organized across the top 33 investment banks, by position, so you can focus your preparation on what matters most...

Master ALL of the Concepts

Investment banks aren't looking for robots… they want to know that you understand the industry, that you can solve problems, handle stress, are good in front of clients and are a fit for their firm… You'll discover how to master all of these concepts - even if you only have 1 day to prepare...

Nail the Technical Questions

With 203+ questions and 10+ hours of videos across the 11 Key Technical categories… including 17 brainteasers, 20 charts and 184 Flash Cards for easy learning and retention… and 32 video Q&A's from banking veterans… so you won't leave a single stone unturned and will be 100% prepared for anything they throw at you...

Prepare Quickly and Level Up

With Rushed and Normal Timelines, showing you exactly what you need to know depending on how much time you have… and our Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Paths so you can master the key concepts and stack your learning for maximum preparation in the shortest amount of time possible...

Master the Behavioral Interviews

With 127 detailed questions and answers across the 5 "Fit" categories, you'll discover exactly how to master the body language, tone and attitude for any interview... and prove you're cut out for investment banking...

Get Exclusive Inside Info on Any Bank

With the WSO Company Database, you'll get exclusive data on compensation, interviews and employee reviews for hundreds of banks… access thousands of interview insights… so you'll know exactly which firms and positions are right for you...

Build a High Impact Network

With 150+ questions and 15+ Hours of video tutorials… the 148 questions to ask your interviewer and 3 proven resume templates and 14 templates for LinkedIn, Emailing and Cold Calling… so you can get 3x your response rate, land more interviews and get support from bankers on the inside...

See how IB veterans have done it with the WSO Video Library

You'll discover how professional bankers have answered the very same questions you'll be asked with 60+ hours of investment banking-specific videos… Watch recorded mock interviews, 32 detailed finance Q&A's and sample deals… so you can see exactly what works and what doesn't...

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Our customers have landed positions at every major investment bank, including:

Get the Investment Banking Interview Course Certification

After completing the course, all students will be granted the WSO Investment Banking Interview Course Certification. Use this certificate as a signal to employers that you have the technical Excel and Modeling skills to immediately add value to your team. 

Demonstrate that you have put in the work outside of university courses to make yourself more efficient and master the most critical program for success in finance careers.  Easily share to LinkedIn and other social media sites to highlight your skills and strengthen your profile as a candidate.

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What You Get


WSO Investment Banking Interview Bootcamp

4 hours of live instruction gives an intense and focused plan to ace your IB interviews


Module 1: Technical Question Mastery Guide

203+ questions, 10+ hours of video, 17 brainteasers, coverage of each of the 11 Technical Categories and more...


Module 2: Behavioral Question Mastery Guide

100+ behavior & fit questions, 10+ hours of video, 148 questions to ask your interviewer and more...


Module 3: Networking Mastery Guide

50+ questions to ask on your interviews, 14 templates for LinkedIn, Email & Cold-Calling, 3 WSO Resume Templates and more...


Bonus 1: WSO Video Library - 12 Month Access

60+ hours of IB specific videos: webinars, mock interviews, 32 Q&A's and sample deals, 20+ PPT & Excel Templates and more...


Bonus 2: WSO Company Database - 12 Month Access

7,548+ insights across 469 IB firms, Coverage of 1,000+ firms, Exclusive data on compensation, interviews & employee reviews and more...





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