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WSO has compiled the most extensive resource for financial modeling training in the world to help you develop the knowledge and the skills needed to succeed in a corporate finance career and build many types of financial models with ease. These resources are catered towards everyone looking to build a financial model; from the ones who never heard about it until landing here to the ones who are already very proficient at modeling and are looking to polish their skills.

3 Statement Model

A three-statement model is a dynamically integrated financial model developed by linking together a company's three primary statements. This is one of the most important models as it serves as a base for other complex models such as the Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model or the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model.

Accretion Dilution Model

The accretion dilution model is used as part of accretion/dilution analysis, which is often used to evaluate Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) deals prior to both parties agreeing on the terms. This analysis is an attempt to estimate the effect of the M&A transaction on the earnings per share (EPS) of the company.

DCF Model Training Free Guide

The discounted cash flow (DCF) model is one of the most important and widely used financial modeling methods to value a company. It requires estimating the total value of all future cash flows (both inflows and outflows) and then discounting them (usually using Weighted Average Cost of CapitalWACC) to find the net present value (NPV).

Advanced Financial Modeling (AFM)

Advanced Financial Modeling (AFM) is a term with a broad definition used to describe many different methods in financial modeling (FM) that are more complex and require more professional skills than basic modeling. These methods may require a lot of statistical knowledge and, in some cases, might involve learning how to program to create models in a financial modeling program or a programming language.

List of Best Financial Modeling Courses

If you have knowledge in accounting and finance but do not know how to apply this knowledge in a real-world scenario, or want to be more prepared when it comes to acing those investment banking (IB) and private equity (PE) interviews, then these courses are for you.

Unlevered Free Cash Flow

Unlevered free cash flow (UFCF) is the cash generated by a company before accounting for financing costs. This metric is most useful when used as part of the discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation method, where its benefits shine the most.

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